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Posted By Babs

Inuyasha Anime

I decided to do The Fort for the National Short Story Competition in February as I feel having a story set around General Hidaka and Sato-san might go down better with the judge, with her being a fantasy romance writer. Plus having a story based around mortals, might travel across better than one which is based on the gods. I am so pleased I have managed to write a 1,990 word story Smiley and this weekend I will be running it past my editor and proofreader to see if they like itSmiley It’s a real shame I won’t be able to post it anywhere until the competition is over. 

Posted By Babs

Blooming RoseIt is so great to have Tales of Tenjoteki na Kizoku Collection published on iBooks, Kindle and Lulu, I am so pleased with the way my drawings have turned out, they are all looking amazing. The cover was fun to get all five characters on there without anyone being cut off.

All I hope is the fans give this new edited version ago as it is completely different to the old version. For starters the old one was 72 pages where the new one A5 version is 86 and the Pocketbook version is 89.

Createspace has given me a spot of trouble with the front cover, it was chopping off General Hidaka, hopefully with the changers I have made it will look ok and once I am happy with it and it becomes available I will post a link.

Posted By Babs

I am so happy my proofreader has gone through Tales of Tenjoteki na Kizoku Collection, I handed it back to my editor to make sure he approved of her corrections which he did. Then he began to point at the screen and say, Chotto matte! (I think is wait a minute?) The dates, part one is set in 300AD and part two is set in 416AD, there is no way it can be Watanabe Kioshi who Hisashi is talking to, unless she’s immortal? Strange how my proofreader and I missed that? Smiley He also pointed out even though I had done a lovely drawing of Sato-san for part three, he was absent from the story which made him very confusedSmiley

Now all these little mistakes have been corrected the story is ready to be published this weekend.

My editor also suggested I do a little side story which explains how Sato-san and General Hidaka met and how they became part of the Yamato Clan as their backstories are missing from the collection, when I told him they met at a battle long before Sato-san was even a Commander, he got all excited and said you must write it!!Smiley

Posted By Babs

This evening I had a look into my local short story writing competition and the theme is Fire, this got me thinkingSmiley I could do, A day in the life of a baby dragon, giggle as Kwon was shocked with what Lone was capable of when he turned a month old. I can see it being quite a funny short story and hopefully an interesting one too, plus I am yet to do a story on Lone’s childhood, the trouble is, will I be able to create 2,000 wordsSmiley

I’ve got until the 1st of February 2016 to come up with something.

Posted By Babs

Jumping for Joy Smiley

I have really enjoyed writing Xiwàng and the wish of a prince. Today I posted the final chapter on It was great to do a story based around Xiwàng, he is still one of my less known characters in the Master Guardian series. He first appears towards the middle of the Lord Lone Chéng series, then come in towards the end of the Fedor Aristaios Kontos series, to pop up again in Master Guardian Part Four book 2 Family Gathering.

It was also nice to finally name all of his five sons as I have not been able to decide what to name his youngest two for quite some time and now I have, it helps to bring them to life.