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Posted By Babs

Also this month I have been having fun designing a front cover for Part thee which I am currently writing and came up with this as I thought it fitted well with the story I am creating. I have to say it has been great fun familiarising myself with Spear's abilities as it is unknown what Dreamers are capable of :)

(From left to right, May, Steve, Spear in the middle and Chris.)



Posted By Babs

All this mouth I have been busy sorting the new Anniversary edition of Master Guardian Part 1 & 2, I have designed a cover for the new Part One which I am still yet to colour as my Editor, proofreader and I are wondering if illustrations of the characters are needed to be placed next to their description in the story or it is fine as it is as they do appear on the front cover. We all hope to come to a decision soon and launch it before Christmas.

(From left to right, bottom row are May, Isabel, Fedor, Guardian and Hisashi. Top row from let to right, Agito, Shinma and Josh.)



Posted By Babs

Whilst I was completing Master Guardian part two I decided to rewrite Part Three, with it not being one of my best stories and not fitting at all with the first two novels. This time around the lead character to begin with is going to be Guardian’s brother Gaylin Spear, because he is not one of my best known characters, with him being alway in the background and I don’t know why as he is such an easy character to do. He is the opposite of everyone else, he’s a typical sixteen year old, loud, bossy and sometimes quite cheeky. But he can also be very sweet and caring. With him will be Josh’s nephew Hermes Christophe Gabriel, who is another of my less well known characters, he is what I would describe as a quiet, nervous young man. Kei (editor) says the way I describe him makes him think of Hinata in Naruto and yeah I see what he means giggle.