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Posted By Babs

Emperor and the hourglass

This evening I had ago at drawing the front cover for The Emperor and the hourglass, and came up with this, the Emperor looking up at the black mist figure who offers him the hourglass,  I hope it will draw people to read it, to find out what’s happening. I am thinking about doing a colour version only if people enjoy the first chapter which I have posted on penana.

Posted By Babs

 I have been going through the story folder on my iPad and came across one which I had forgotten about, it is titled The Emperor and the hourglass and features the Grey Dragon Kage along side Gaylin and Yūichi. It is set two years after The Battle (1302) in Kyoto, Emperor Gonijō is tricked by a strange black mist woman who appears in his bedchamber, that the white woman who comes to visit him when he turns the hourglass is his dearly departed wife.

The question is, is it really her or is it what the Dreamers call a Time Stealer or a Devour of souls...

I will post the first half of the story on once I have come up with a cover, to see what you all make of it as I don’t think it is a bad story, but the question will be is it worth finishing?

Posted By Babs

The way things are going it makes me start to think why am I doing this when no one cannot take the time to leave some feedback, I mean it would be nice to know what people think of my work and feedback helps me to continue writing, plus it helps to get word out there and in turn helps to get the stories noticed.

No feedback is killing me, it makes me just think my stories are terrible, otherwise people would be all over them saying how much they enjoyed it, to don’t leave it there, what happens next.

It really annoys me, I should not have to keep acking people to leave just a few words when they have read one of my novels or short stories, they should do it automatically or when I get people saying they will do but then they never follow it through which leaves me thinking why? 

So I am now asking please my fans don’t be afraid, just step up to the podium, express how much you enjoyed it and yes you can also say if you did not care for it, it wasn’t your cup of tea, that is fine too as I won’t take it to heart as I know my work is not for everyone. 

Posted By Babs

Over the past week I have been enjoying making jewellery from bracelets to earrings and I have been thinking about making some necklaces. I made this one from some spare beads I had, it looks very fantasy and something I can see Weisheng or Bǎihé would make. I considering putting it up for sale, only if I can get the flower beads.


I have also opened up an Etsy store to help my international fans to buy my jewellery as my other store does not give the buyer to chose there currency or language.

I would like to reassure my fans, I am not stopping writing, I am just doing this in between stories to make sure I get a brake before I continue with one or make a start on a new one.

I will be back writing very sortly and hopefully completing Bǎihé and the mystery gifts.