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Posted By Babs
I was so shocked to receive a request from J. K. Rowling to join her group on I was not even aware she had a group on there. I am still going around in a daze it all happen on the 22/12/10, it has taken me until now to say anything. I am so over the moon :D
Posted By Babs
I thought I would take time off over Christmas until the new year. But today has been really hard not to resist doing some to the scene I was working on before Xmas dawned upon me :) I cannot help myself, I have even been working long into the night as I so would like to get this finial scene in Part Four finished which will be the end of the novel, then I can concentrate on getting Part Three sorted in time for it's launch which I hope will be in March or perhaps April :D (Tic, I was really enjoying getting back into FFIII, but like always the creative mind won't stop, so I have had to put it down, put KISAKI back on as I like to write with his music on in the background and crack on giggle)
Posted By Babs
Master Guardian Part One: Introduction, in the new year come late January or early February is going to be available on the following sites, Baker & Taylor, and Barnes & Noble. I'm so excited to see him moving forward. :)
Posted By Babs
I cannot believe how quickly the printed copies of the first edition of Part One are selling. I have three reserved for people to buy and give as a Christmas presents to a family member or for a friend which likes Dark Fantasy or Fantasy, this means there are only eight to go. It is so nice to see the popularity in Master Guardian grow with every passing month. :D