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Posted By Babs
People are still finding it hard to order my novels, it is simple with, all you need to do is click on the UK flag, a pulldown list will appear click Change Store and you should see a page saying, Select Your Preferred Store click on the words next your countries flag wait for the page to change, then click on Book Shop and you should see a Search Books box, either type in my name or the novel you would like to buy and pop it should appear.
It is a bit easier with Amazon you just go to your usual Amazon store and do the same thing to find the novels. I'm afraid the paperbacks are not available on Amazon Japan. Kindle only.
Please do not hesitate to inform DR21 Publishing if you are fining it hard to locate any of the novels and they will do their best to help you find them.
Posted By Babs
It is that time of year again, Merry Christmas to all my fans.
I have completed Jinsong Lǐwù Shao Part Two The Mystery Mushrooms and realised I should really write Tales of Lord Lone Cheng Part Seven Rebellion first before Lǐwù Shao Part Two is published as it's going to continue on from where Lǐwù Shao Part One finishes. I must say it is nice to be back in a part of China's history I know a lot about Smiley I am also continuing with Master Guardian Part Four, Book Two: Family Gatherin, I am at the part where they are opening their Christmas gift which is uncanny as I will be doing that tomorrow and sitting down to Pheasant which is one of the birds Guardian is sharing with Shinma :D
Posted By Babs
I was surprised tonight to fine the paperback of Master Guardian Part Two is now available on Amazon , Smiley However, there is still no sign of Part One which is a bit strange when they were submitted at the same time… hmm hopefully it will appear soon.
Posted By Babs
At the weekend I made a start on Jinsong Lǐwù Shao Part Two as a few more fans have asked me to continue it. It is going to be set 12 years later. It is now the Han Dynasty which I don't know much about, so it's time for lots of research whilst I write the story and at first it looked like nothing much was happening in 198BC. Until I came across something about a peace treaty and the exchanging of oath- letters. I now have the back story whist their dad Xīng-lóng is busy with that Lǐwù and his brother go off exploring the land where they live down to the south coast and they make a new discovery.
I hope to have it completed before Christmas along with Master Guardian Part Four Family Gathering.
Posted By Babs
EmoticonIt's hard to believe the year is drawing to a close. I have been so busy with Family Gathering it will be soon Christmas just like in the story. If is snows at christian then it really will be like the scene I am working one :D
Despite being ill Emoticon over the past week I have managed to make four paperback copies of the short stories into Xmas gifts for the family. Photo is of a completed one and yes it opens from left to right ^_^
Hand made
They were so much fun to make, however, I now have sore fingers from all the sowing of the spines, but it was worth it as they hold together so well. DR21 Publishing are even considering making them available on request as we know a lot of fans like to have a physical book. It might be a project for the new year and they won't be free as they take up most of a day to make. I will keep you all posted.