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Posted By Babs


It’s been a good year, I am so pleased to have more of the Master Guardian series available on iBooks, it was quite funny to see Family Gathering become available on there along with the rest in the early hours of Christmas Day. In the new year DR21 Publishing will be launching the Fedor series on there, whilst I continue to write The Lost Chapter, which I have to say is proving to be quite a strain on my emotions, but I am still enjoying writing it.

SmileyOnce it is completed I hope to be making a start on Master Guardian Part Five Surprise, however, I might take the time to complete the Fedor and Lord Lone series, then I can devote all my time to Surprise.

Posted By Babs

It is so nice to finally have Master Guardian Part Four Book Two Family Gathering available to buy on Google Play and Lulu. Still waiting for iBooks to wake up and approve it as nothing gets activated when it’s the weekend, which is just odd when it went straight through on Google Play and Lulu. The moment it begins to appear on iBooks, which probably won’t happen now until late tonight or tomorrow, DR21 Publishing will post links.

The reason we were not able to get it out for the 19th of December was down to iBooks Author being a right pain, it likes to crash or freeze then drop out, this always seems to happen when it’s a large story as we have no trouble with the short stories or Master Guardian Part one. We really wanted to launch the novel so it appeared on all three sites at the same time, but like always the program had other ideas *sigh* and in the end it took two days to get it looking perfect and without any problems and in the early hours of 20th it was finally sent to iTunes to be approved, now like I said we’ve just got to wait.... Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

Posted By Babs

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It is so nice to see Tales of Lord Lone Chéng Part One to Five are already available on 48 iTunes stores, just 3 left to go Canada, Mexico and America. DR21 Publishing have been busy uploading the rest including the Jinsong Lǐwù Shao series. We hope to get all of the short stories up a long with the rest of the Master Guardian series up to Family Gathering.

Posted By Babs

DR21 Publishing and I are working hard to get the short stories and novels onto iBooks using iBooks Author before the version we have becomes unavailable as the program requires newer software then what we currently have :(

So there is going to be a lot of late nights and I hope we are able to put all of them up before the program tells us we can no longer use the version we have.

Back to sorting out Tales of Lord Lone Part Six Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

Posted By Babs

Smiley I have been having fun writing The Lost Chapter, as I don’t know much about the Yayoi period in Japan’s history and I have been finding out that Wa, in 169AD was gripped in a civil war which I didn’t know about until I looked it up,Smiley but I am not going to be putting it in the story, mainly because it will just take too long to gather all the information on the war and who was the Emperor, King or Queen at that time. But without giving too much away Alric might be dealing with a rival clan/army.