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Posted By Babs

Since my last blog and all of this mouth I have been busy with the editor sorting out Master Guardian Part Four Book One Strange Happening, as there where a lot of unnecessary scenes and some which didn’t flow well at all. We have tried to put all the action first which we hope will make the story more gripping. So far 88 pages out the original 387 page book have been deleted, plus there is going to be a whole new ending which will pull in some of the side stories like Jing, Mayonaka and the surprise guest which I am yet to post alongside the other Jing short stroy I did.

I am hoping to get the new edited version of Part Four Book 1 out before Christmas, but with only four days to goFrustrated Smiley it is looking pretty slim, it might be a New Year release instead as I am still writing and sorting the new ending.

Of course my publishers and I will keep up to date when it will finally be published, they will post it on the coming soon page of their website.