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Posted By Babs

I am so pleased to have all the pencil versions of the drawings completed before Christmas. My editor Kei helped me with the drawing of Jing in order to get the folds of his gothic coat right as though he is turning with his wings coming out the back. We had great fun creating him together along with my second attempt at drawing Ryu like he is looking at someone to his right, this was quite difficult to do, but with Kei's helpful guidance I managed to do it. ^_^Jing
 At least tomorrow and Boxing Day I will be able to rest my poor right hand before I begin painting all of them.
Posted By Babs

I cannot believe Christmas is just around the corner and my little task board is showing I still have three drawings to do.To do list 

I think I am going to leave Jing to last as his whole outfit is not going to be easy to do when I have taken inspiration from Kamijo(Versailles) when he used to have his long wavy ginger hair, as I have always liked that outfit and the long hair really suited him giggle.



The differences are Jing’s hair is straight and there is no patten on the coat just a bit of embroidery around the button holes and buttons, as he is not one for wearing anything too elaborate when he’s off stage.

I’ll be very surprised if I mange to get all three completed before Christmas.



Posted By Babs


The Anniversary edition of Master Guardian has been postponed until the new year, this is because the novel is going through final checks and I have been busy sorting drawings for both stories which has taken me longer to sort out than I thought they would, one reason is it has taken me a few goes to get Kioshi right as I'm not good at drawing a person looking confused giggle :)Hinata




Posted By Babs

Smiley Throwing StarsI have been having fun painting the front cover for the new Master Guardian Part One An old friend's request, which is going to be realised in the up and coming 16th Anniversary edition which includes never before seen illustrations.

I have come up wit two front covers designs. Please tell me in the coments below which one you like the most. ^_^

Front cover


front cover 2