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I am so pleased to be launching The Battle this weekend. I am also very happy with the way the back cover has turned out and if you follow me on Facebook you’ve probably already seen it, but I am going to be posting it here as well.

Sir Guardian and son
Now that is out of the way, the next challenge I must face is try to complete all the unfinished side stories, as well as launch a couple of new ones, the first one is going to be of Límíng wù (Lord Lone) when he was a baby and adapted by Kwon-Yul. The other is going to be about Yiska Miwok otherwise known as Gaylin Spear’s family before he was adopted by Josh in 1200. I have already had ago at drawing him and I think he’s come out looking all right, his eyes where not easy to get right with him having fourteen independent pupils. I am planning on doing a coloured version of him too.



I am yet to draw one of Kwon and baby Límíng wù, but this is the idea I have, Kwon will be holding him in his arms with his other son Dong, sitting next to him, looking at his baby brother. I just hope I’m able draw it or something like it as I’m not good at drawing babies or young children. But I’m still going to give it my best shot

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