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Posted By Babs

Towards the end of last week, something went into my left eye leaving it feeling a bit sore, I got some comfort drops to see if that would calm it down, it has helped a bit, but over the weekend it has gotten worse making it hard for me to sit at the computer and continue writing Chris’s backstory when he met his mum’s mother for the first time.

To try and distract myself from the discomfort I wrote a little story on Longwei and his cats, it was inspired by my editor when we talked about how many he has and was shocked when I said over twenty. Then he asked me if there were any with like odd behaviour and I began to tell him yes, Longwei has three cats who like to leave him gifts, one will leave him dead mice, the second one it’s leaves and the third one is the oddest of all as he likes to leave him items of clothing to blankets and soft toys. My editor said you’ve got to do a story on them and that’s what I’ve done. I have titled it Longwei and his cats and posted it on Penana. My drawing of him with them has not come out great, but that surprising when my left eye is running a lot and very painful I hope when it is better to do the drawing again and I might even paint it.

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Babs said...
My eye is nearly fully recovered, it still pains me every now and then; but it's nothing like it was, it's no longer stopping me from working on Chris' back story :) I am so pleased to read you enjoyed my little story and found it to be very cute ^_^ and yes I will be continuing it at some point, when I've other side stories finished.
June 10, 2017 07:42:06
Kiyoshi said...
I hope your eye gets better soon, as I could tell when, the last we spoke, it was causing you a lot of trouble :( I really enjoyed reading Longwei and his cats,とても かわいい です ^_^ I hope you continue it :)
June 7, 2017 08:24:51
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