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Posted By Babs

Inuyasha Anime

Last night I completed Chris’s back story and emailed it off to my editor and proofreader. I must admit it was a little difficult to come up with a good ending, but I think I’ve managed it giggle, I’ll have to see what they make of it. I’m glad I’ve done it, it has really helped me to get to know Chris, his family and their abilities, as there is more to them than just being psychic and being able to create fire in the palm of their hands. The fans who have already read the all new Master Guardian Part Two will know this

I just hope my editor and proofreader like it and says yes publish it, then I will do a cover of Chris with his grandmother.

Whilst I’m waiting for their feedback I will try to complete Bǎihé and the suspicious death and hunt for the Gabriel story.


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