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Posted By Babs

I am so pleased to finally complete Gabriel, I have enjoyed writing it even at times when it was a challenge and it was great to ask Kei (editor) when I got stuck because it felt like I was repeating myself as I have covered around Wakaura Bay in the Copernicus trilogy, Fedor series, the Tenjoteki na Hisashi series and Master Guardian part two. Kei agreed with me the area was covered enough and we decided to move on the winter scene. It was nice writing it when the weather was hot, it was a nice way to cool off thinking of snow falling from the sky like cottonwool. I cannot wait to see my Kei and my proofreaders make of the stoy.

I still am yet to decide which of the drawings to place on the front cover, Narsus and Gabriel together with their bows or Gabriel with his Forest Guardian, I will hopefully decide whilst my proofreaders and editor are going through it.

This next thing to do is paint the cover for Poseidon and Chris encounter so I can publish that as well. I am going to have to read the Gaylin's backstory to remind myself how I was going to end it, because doing Gabriel it has now gone completely from my mind. I’m sure once I have read through it, it will come back to me.

Then whilst I am planning what to do with Master Guardian Part Three I hope to get the following: Bǎihé and the suspicious death, Hisashi and the Samurai, Spear and the haunted house, Bǎihé and the mystery gifts and A chance encounter all completed as it would nice to get them all out of the way. However, I cannot make up my mind which story to complete first, please let me know in the comment section below if you are dying to see what happens next and cannot wait for me to post the next chapter. As this would be greatly appreciated. If you follow me on Facebook I have done a post where you can comment on any of the short stories you have read, I am going to pin it to the top.

The is also the short story website where you’re welcome to leave comments, please include the title.

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