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Posted By Babs

At the beginning of the week whilst I was writing the final part of A chance encounter, I got sidetracked with the opening to  Master Guardian The disappearance of Narsus, part of Master Guardian Part Three, and thought I must get this written down before I forget it.

Speaking of part three, I will be making it into trilogy, the reason for this is because the book will be too big to handle, not just for my readers, but for my editor and proofreaders. Splitting it into three nice manageable size books will make things a lot eaiser to handle and the readers will be able to then choose to read them as a complete book or just skip to the last one which will carry on with the events mentioned in Master Guardian Part Two The Mystery Guardian.

Book one of the trilogy titled Gaylin versus Soul, is going to continue where part two left off, I will not give away the ending.

Book two titled, ‘The long awaking,’ will be centred around Christmas time when the whole family get together, however two events will happen which coincide with a piece of the prophecy, ‘Two ancients will rise,’ and family will quickly head to either Tibet or Greece. Whilst this is taking place Book three will be Shǒuwèi returning to Japan before he is meant to be, because a series of disturbing visions involving Narsus.

Of cause all of the above titles may change as I write each of the stories.

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