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Posted By Babs

 I am so pleased towards the end of last week I completed the all new A chance encounter, which has since gone to my proofreader and editor to see what they make of it before I publish it. I have also had ago at drawing a cover for it, Junjie and Bǎihé meeting for the first time and to show the difference in hight as you can see Junjie is a lot taller then Bǎihé. 


I have to admit the one thing I am still not abele to get right is the Dragons wings. I can picture them so clearly within my mind, how they fold and unfold, but when it comes to actually to drawing them it is not easy, but I know with a bit of practice and guidance from Kiyoshi I will get them looking great.


Once the drawings are done, the next project that I am going to sort out is Bǎihé and the mystery gifts. I have given it a read through and because it needs a lot doing to it, to make it a better story, I am thinking about rewriting it into chapters. But I will crossthat bridge when I completed the first task getting all the pictures for the prequel to Lǐwú and the teardrop stone, I am pleased to announced I have finally settled on a title, Dampa and the cursed village.I hope it will make people want to read it.

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