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Posted By Babs

It is so good to have finally been able to publish
. I had great fun inventing a language for the Black Dragon and the Dreamers which, I hope, sound old, very old and not too complicated. They are meant to be phonetic languages, the words are spoken the way they are spelt. I am planing to bringing them into future stories.

I know I still have three side stories to complete. I have come to the decision to make an all new version of Bǎihé and the mystery gifts, this is because the one out at the moment is not that well written and I am unable to come up with an ending. Hisashi and the Samurai I have completed, it just needs final checks. Spear and the haunted house is getting a new beginning and it will be featuring Gaylin’s guardian Nightfallalong with Guard, Darkness, Celest and Chris.


I cannot believe this Sunday the Master Guardian series is 18 years old To celebrate I will be launching a character bracelet which will be appearing in the third book of the trilogy, I will only reveal on the day who it belongs to and what it is used for. I have had a few fans ask me if I am going to make the bracelet available to buy, the answer is yes, but only on request and they have got to understand there is no way I can make it identical to the one I’m waring as I cannot control what Phantom quarts I get, this also applies to the Amethyst tumbled bead the colour and size may vary. The only things which will not change are the glass heart charms, the Aventurine, crackle and clear quartz beads.

I am also thinking about putting up a free PDF of Master Guardian Part One, for a week as this will give, I hope, everyone chance to read it.

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