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Posted By Babs

I cannot believe it is October already I am still busy writing book two of the trilogy and also created another side story which goes into more detail about what the beautiful Bǎihé is up to with regards to a certain Secretive Dreamer, which has since been completed and sent to my editor and proofreader to see what they make of it. Kiyoshi was really excited to see it not only involved his favourite character Bǎihé, but the ancient Dreamer Lèguān, he really likes him since he read Dampa & the cursed village (Prequel to Lǐwù and the teardrop stone) as he comes across as a very powerful god who knows an awful lot about the other realm.

I cannot wait for their feedback on this new short story which I have titled Bǎihé, Lèguān and the family curse.

Hopefully I will complete book two before Christmas or be on book three by then, which would be nice with it being set in winter.

But I am in no hurry to get them done as I need to raise the profile of the other books more so that more people start to demand for the next one as at the moment the only motivators I have are my proofreader and editor. It would be nice if my fans communicated more to let me know what they think of any story they have read, as no feedback is not encouraging me to continue with my writing and it also does not help to get the series recognised .

One thing I am going to try again is doing a reading of one of the stories, I was thinking of starting with one of the side stories which is written all in English as my Chinese and Japanese pronunciation is not that great giggle, but I am OK with names. So if there is one you would really like to hear read so you know how to say their names, please let me know in the comments below and I will do my best to read it .

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