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Posted By Babs

Whilst I was plaining the next scene in book two of the trilogy which involves Dorjee, I got the inspiration to finally write the back story to how Límíng wù found and became Leader of the Chinese Dragon at just fifteen. When I have completed it, I will be handing it over to my editor and proofreader to see what they make of it. I can see them already liking the story, as it has a nice element of mystery to it, because in reality a child should not be leader of something that important to the gods, by rights the Father of the Gods Longwei would be a better man for the job, but there is a reason why he declared Límíng as Leader of that order. I should point out no ancient god has ever gone against Longwei’s decision, because of the reasons which are explained in the story.

Kiyoshi cannot wait to receive it as in the four years I have known him I have given him little hints of this back story and he knows I have been leaving it on the back burner for years ever since I created him as I have never really had a reason to write it until now.

At the moment I have titled it A hidden secret and then I will explain in the blurb on the back who is in it and what the story is about.

I might do Límíng wù & Dong A hidden secret. It is a work in progress

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