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Posted By Babs

It is such a relief to know I have not lost any of most recent work, then came that sinking feeling I might have lost one of the side stories which is connected to the trilogy, then it dawned  on me I had sent a copy to my editor to be checked, and sure enough there it was in an email to him, I am so pleased as that one was a real challenge to write and I have to say it was also one of those stories which could never be written again.


I am also making nice progress on a new ending to trilogy book two, in away it is nice to making a new ending as the previous one I thought was too long winded, this one is much better and hopefully will flow in to the next book better as well. I will not be starting the final story any time soon as I feel I need to get the series noticed more before continuing and I have realised there is a mistake in the current Master Guardian Book Two, I have made out that Ryṹ is an only child, when in fact he is not for he has 6 brothers, I remembered this after I found a very old story titled Hidden Secret, the first part is now available on litnet, so I will be updating part two to mach and make a note on the whiteboard so that this mistake does not happen again. I shouldn't have so many characters to keep track of, I am bound to get them mixed up.


I am also hoping soon people will begin to ask me for the next part of a story like for example, The adventures of Bǎihé and Liúxīng as there is still more to come.

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