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Posted By Babs

This morning I completed the back cover image for Master Guardian part one. I am so pleased with the way Agito has turned out, he is really looking like he has just awaken and sat up.  

Back cover

The next thing I need to do is scan them both in and then come up with a background which makes them stand out to attract the reader and a good blurb on the back which also entices the people to want to read the story, this is what I have come up with, An old friend calls on Guardian, Darkness and Celestial requesting their help to capture his brother, who is once again under the control of a tyrant who sent him eighteen years ago to try and kill an innocent mortal girl. Except this time around things are a little different...

It may need a bit of tweaking, I’ll just have to see what people make of it. One thing I will say it is nice to see everything is coming together

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