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Posted By Babs

I have been busy this month with part two, it is getting very close now to the part where I think I can leave it to follow on into the next book. Hopefully leaving the reader going noooo! Don’t leave it there! I know my editor and proofreader are going to be the first ones to be doing that, haha.



In between this blog and the last one, I was able to pick a nice small computer desk, which fits perfectly in my room. It was secondhand and all that was a matter with it was the slide out keyboard shelf the runners just needed re-screwing back in. I am so pleased with it as it is nice to be writing in a more relaxed position with the laptop higher up so I am not having to look down all the time and having the keyboard also in the right place has helped no end with the callus in my hands and writs. As a result I am finding I am typing quicker because I am no longer getting the annoying pains running up my lower forearms.


I did take a small break from part two to write a short story for the Litnet writing contest which was on the theme of a fairy tale, so I based mine on two Chinese fairy tales mixed together with characters from a long lost short story. The target was 25 litnet pages = 36/37 pages, I discovered I am just 1 page over. I have since handed it to Kiyoshi (editor) to see if there is any way we can reduce it.

Kiyoshi: This is an awesome story, I have not found anything which I would conceder unnecessary. There are some scenes we could reduce to make them a little smaller.

This is what we are doing going through it with a fine tooth-comb to see what can be taken out without ruining the whole thing or just bringing the ending to an abrupt stop. Once it is all sorted it will be off to the proofreader to see what she makes of it.

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