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It is a start to a new year and I have decided to put the Master Guardian series on hold until I can increase peoples interest in the first novel. This has come about since I launched the Fedor stories on Litnet, it has taught me what people are after in a story and some of my readers like small chapters. I cannot believe there are 18 of them now and I am beginning to put together chapter 19 the unexpected Dragon. The title may change as I am developing the story. I have been really enjoying writing these little stories and I hope to do more of them based on other characters. I am going to try to complete the

Paranoid Pixie Battles, which are part of the Dark Chapter, this has often been mentioned in the Ancient gods in the stories. Plus I was thinking it would be a nice change to do a dark story set entirely in Neolithic China based around the Dreamers and Soul Drinkers along with gods of the other realm.

This year I am hoping to find away to get some funding for my work and really make it clear the books are made for dyslexic readers, because they are written by a dyslexic author. There is nothing on the market quite like them. It is nice to see on litnet my followers is now 20, I hope it carries on climbing. I know I need to come up with something that really grabs people’s attention and keeps them coming back for more. I am hoping that will happen with the Paranoid Pixie Battles.

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