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Posted By Babs

Such a great feeling this morning I finally have the ending for Master Guardian Part Two The Furtiveness Puppet Returns sorted within my mind and I know it is going to make a lot of the diehard fans, plus my editor and proofreader screaming, “No you can’t leave it there!” Me evil laugh, rubbing my hands together and saying, Oh yes I can and you will just have to wait for me to write part three. Well that’s the plan.

I knew writing the Fedor series would help me to come with a good cliff-hanger of an ending. All I need to do now is jot down the outline and then put it together. It will be nice to finally get it finished after leaving sitting on the back burner for around half a year. This is the trouble sometimes for us writers when we are doing a series how to end them in a way that keeps the reader craving for the next instalment. Hopefully I have it.

Speaking of the Fedor series, I have removed all but the first two with a sample of part three of Secret in the forest as I decided to publish the entire series so far into 10 chapter books. I have been busy working on illustrations whilst I wait for it to return from the proofreader. I am also writing chapter 21 and I’m going to see once it is done is recheck the notes to see what is left to make in to another chapter or so. Mainly to see if I can keep the series going without it getting repetitive. That is the real challenge to be able to come up with something new that leads the reader on an exciting, thrilling adventure full of mystery.

Also I am going to see how the first novel containing the first 10 chapters goes. Really they are 10 individual short stories that I have tried my best to blend together into a series. There a few things to iron out, like some of the characters are in one chapter and barely in or completely gone in the next. My editor says it is not a major issue when the main focus of the story is on Fedor. We will have to wait and see what the proofreader makes of it.

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Kiyoshi said...
I am so pleased to read you have at long last got an ending in mind for part two. You know I do not mind a good cliffhanger to keep me waiting for the next book. Hai, the pictures you have been doing for the Fedor series are really good, you really are getting the hang of the inks. I am so pleased I introduce you to them as your work is looking more natural and less shiny. さすが! よくやったね!I cannot wait to see the complete first book.
February 6, 2020 00:37:10
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