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Posted By Babs

A lot has been happening since I launched Samurai and the butterfly. I have updated, the following stories, A hidden secret and A chance encounter.

Hopefully now they flow and fit better with the rest of the series.

Since some diehard fans gave me feedback on Master Guardian Part One, they kindly highlighted some issues, where I was repeating myself and they felt some scenes where unnecessary, because they did not really help to drive the story along.

This has gave me the impulse to write an alternative version, in which I have Isabel looking around the manor whilst May cleans.

This will help to give more insight in to the manor, and the family through portraits and how they ended up at Raven.

This also sparked the idea of doing side stories, to explain Guardian’s connection with Ellwood family because he only really got to know them from 1500 after he moved to Raven Manor. The second one is based around Hisashi’s faithful companion Kiyoshi.


The fans made very good point, in the current version the only time they use spells is in the Ram Inn scene with Agito and another thing was why have they got cars when they can portal. So now all the gods are doing this and the cars have now switched to the mortal side of the family. There is also a message incantation table in the quiet room along side the computer desk.


Instead of having Límíng wù losing a baby and the third-in-command causing trouble, it has been changed to a devastating earthquake this is why Límíng is in China and the third-in-command is the Dreamer from A chance encounter.


The last change was to introduce Guardian’s biological father, the reason for this, is because one, I was just going to have him appear in part two. This would have been just awful and made the scene long to explain who he is. The other reason is, his involvement in the Ellwood story.

Speaking of these side stories, I am planning on putting them at the back, yes it will make the novel quite large, but in the long run, you the fans, will only be paying out for one book and not three. However, if it does turn out to be too big, I will make it so the side stories are still together as a collection.

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