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 The alternative version of Master Guardian Part One is coming along great. It has been great fun bringing in Shǒuwèi’s father a lot sooner. I also realised I need to sort out his short story, Mysterious Towers, so you the readers, get a better idea of who he is and his capabilities. This now puts the side stories, I have planed up to three. It might become more before I have finished.

I have received help from a Chinese fan who has kindly been finding the oddest jewellery she can find. This came about after we were chatting about Shǒuwèi’s father, with him being an expert in the obscure arts. We both agreed he needs to wear jewellery to match. So we have both been looking on and found some really interesting and strange rings and necklaces. This way it kept the cost down and we got a lot more, than say from Amazon. I know they will take longer to come from Wish, which is no problem as there is no rush. Also I can always add in a more detailed description once I have the items in my hands.

Also down the line, if a fan likes the sound of an item of jewellery, I can inform them where it came from either wish or me as I have been making Shǒuwèi’s father earrings.

To finish off, the gaming chair I received as a gift on my birthday has really turned my life around. It is so comfy, well since I added a nice seat cushion, because I found the seat itself was a little hard. It is nice to finally have good back and shoulder support.

This led me to use the money I had saved up for one on, a hight adjustable desk, a mouse (yet to arrive), an RGB desk mat and a lovely foot rest. I am now in the most comfortable writing position, I have ever been in my 21 years of writing. It really is amazing what just one item can do to change you from a crapped writing position to something which is unbelievable to be completely pain free and happy to write all day. I have noticed it also has had a big impact on my writing, since I have been able to concentrate better, which is a nice bonus.

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