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The reason I am not continuing writing the next instalment of Master Shǒuwèi is because I have in a way hit a wall with it all being set in Japan and I am stuck here in England. It makes things very difficult. Now if I ever got to Japan this one thing I would very much like to do is visit the location, I chose for Weisheng’s shop Mystery Rose, where in the next book Shǒuwèi will be porting to and as you all know Shǒuwèi has severe breathing problems. So to get around, I gong to have him driving a golf cart type vehicle that his aunty has had custom made for him. But of course I would have to walk the exact route Shǒuwèi has to take in order to get to the destination.

Then it hit me, Shǒuwèi is very famous in Japan from all the Anime voices he has done as well as live action parts he’s played. Damn! I have no realistic idea, how many times he would get recognised along the way. Would the mortals become a bit of an issue and in the end Darkness has to unleash a Guardian to stop his host from being harassed for photos and autograph, or would this not happen? Yeah this has really stopped me in my tracks, for I would like the scene to be as true life as possible and above all not have it sounding too western. It would be awesome if could approach a famous Western actor who is based or working in Japan for a long time and ask this question, “Are you able to walk around the streets without being harassed by fans?”

Ping!! One person instantly came to mind, Ladybeard, he is huge in Japan I would love to be able to get an opportunity to tell him about the scene, of course making sure it is clear to him this is purely research and I am not wanting money or him to promote the series or me. It would just be great to get some real interesting insights in to how people react to him in and out of costume.

Mainly because Shǒuwèi is just being him a Soul Drinker, he is not in Japan to promote a new Anime or movie he has appeared in, or doing a cosplay of the charter he played with his aunty. He is on a mission to save Japan before unnatural weather destroys it.

Dream, it would be awesome to be on location with Ladybeard working out the scene with it, like I said, based on real places in Tokyo. To walk the streets from Takeshita Street to Akihabara and see how many times Mr Magarey gets stopped on the way for what I said above. Then this would give me a realistic picture to how people interact with him and I can then interpret it all into the story, baring in mind Shǒuwèi is a god and is driving a golf cart with Darkness and Celest in the back, who I have got to have acting like children, saying things from, ‘are we nearly yet,’ to ‘I’m board,’ I’m thirsty,’ ‘I’m hungry,’ ‘I need to pee.’ Also make notes of where Shǒuwèi can stop off to do just that get snacks and drinks and if needed the bathroom. Also if he spots any gashapon machines on the way he will have to stop to see what is on offer as Shǒuwèi loves gashapon and out of one of them I was thinking he could get a little figure of himself of the last character he played in an anime or film he did, and sits it on the dash of the cart.

Please I asks my fans who read my blog to not to harass Mr Magarey this is just an idea I wish I could do as it would make things a lot easier and help get the story flowing.

Also I would like to say to Mr Magarey if you happened to see this blog, you are not obligated to help me, however, if you so wish to, you are more than welcome to contact me through the web sight. Oops I should point out Shǒuwèi is a Westerner who was adopted by the legendary Masked Dragon Límíng wù.

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