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Posted By Babs

I cannot believe it is 2022, I have been busy sorting A tale of two brothers, and a cut version of Master Shǒuwèi Echoes of the past, that leads straight on from Tale of two brothers. I am hoping to get it completed and sorted whilst that story is with the beater reader.

All I need to do before then, is come up with a back cover and a blurb for Tale of two brothers. I still cannot believe it is completed and will be published soon. It is a story that is as old as Master Shǒuwèi and should have come out first. Oh well I will have it all sorted soon.

I am not deleting the current version of Master Shǒuwèi just be updating it, because I have been informed there are spelling mistakes in it and some unfinished sentences. I too have noticed the odd mistake whilst I have been taking out all the juicy bits and putting them into the shorter version.

Kiyoshi and I have to admit a 231 page book is a lot to go through, we are bound to miss a few things and sometimes I don’t think the file has been saving. So, what I am going to do is retype it word for word in to a fresh, new document to rule out any problems and this will also help spot mistakes.

Sometimes I wish I had a person to do things like this then I can just concentrate on the next instalment which will be continuing on from the short version.

One last thing, I am slowly going to be turning my penana and booknet pages into alternative stories that are not connected to the world of Master Shǒuwèi. As I would like to write something different and give myself a challenge to just make stories that are more classic fantasy, or generic fantasy. I have changed the  Choose your own adventure style games page on facebook to a page that is dedicated to the alternative books to separate them from the Offical Master Shǒuwèi page.

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