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Posted By Babs

It is so good to nearly have Tale of two Brothers sorted it will be going back to the beta reader for hopefully the last time, I’m sure the reader will let me know.

I am so happy to also have the shorter version of Master Shǒuwèi Echos of the past completed. I just need to come up with a different cover, to make it clear which one is which.

I should also point out, they are not exactly the same, there are characters in the short version who are from September Rain and Tale of two brothers. That’s another thing, it continues on from where Two brothers has left off. Well, as it stands at the moment, for it will be going to the same beta reader to go through.

I cannot believe it since doing the short version I am more motivated to write the next instalment, which I have already started and the ideas are really flowing. I seem to know precisely what I am wanting to do with it. I have no idea yet if there will be a fourth instalment. I will see how I go with the third instalment first. I will again be keeping it short, as it is better for me to keep track off and for my fellow dyslexic readers.

I could also put it down to my neat new set up, I am no longer seated at a low wobbly desk, crushed over a laptop. I now have a high desk and a lovely 24” covered monitor, attached to a Mac mini, that is to my eye level. I have not been this comfy before. I am so happy to be working at my new desk, I am convinced it has helped a lot to boost my creativity.

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