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Posted By Babs

I am currently working on a side story whilst the main story Master Shǒuwèi Book Two Tyrant’s Return is with the beta reader. Hopefully this time around she will find it less confusing and easier to follow. Yes, there has been a title change since the last time I posted. This is because my editor and feel it would be better to separate it from the current one that is out, the main reason is they are not identical even though there are some scenes that are the same the rest of the story around them is considerably different with it following on from Tales of two brothers.

The side story is also nearly completed, not sure yet if I am going to leave the title as it is Yiska’s family reunion, because he is not in it until near the end, which I am currently writing. The main focus is Lucy because it follows on from September Rain and also involves the main character from Crimson Moon. I might yet call it Lucy’s unexpected discovery, but it this could also change once I’ve finished it.

I also need to yet come up with covers and blurbs for both stories that will entice the readers curiosity. Once I come up with something I will post it on instagram and in the offical Master Shǒuwèi group on Facebook.

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