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Posted By Babs

This morning it was great to have my editor Kiyoshi go over with me the battle scene which appears in The Emperor and the hourglass Chapter four Nightfall’s battle, before I published it, because at first I was not sure weather I should include it or not 

 Kiyoshi got me to explain to him what was going to happen and told me it gave the reader good insight into Nightfall and his realm. He laughed and said, I wouldn’t mess with him as he sounds very powerful.

I agreed it shows what he is capable of and also shows his axe has a mind of its own, he never takes hold of it in the other realm, that’s why it just seems to magically appear in this realm.

Kiyoshi really likes this concept  and said he hopes I will binging Nightfall in to the final chapter.

I replied, yes, he will be making one more appearance.

Kiyoshi, Yoi, I cannot wait.

Hopefully none of you will have to wait long as I am going to try to get the ending written over the next few days.

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