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Smiley Throwing StarsI am so pleased to have Jing and Yami part three, First encounter finally completed, I remembered to include the Yūka’s band name Masaki as was well as the name of his band Climbing rose from Master Guardian Part Two. I will say it again it was odd to return to such an old story and remember the ending without no notes was pretty good going.

Kiyoshi was even impressed with the ending and said it fitted very nicely with Gādo part 2 with Yūka and his dress being mentioned in conversation with Shinma, Weisheng and Gādo.

Now I need to decide which short story to complete next as I completely missed Hisashi and Samurai. Spear and the haunted house, which should have made it 8 to finish not 6 as now it is 6 still left to do as I have said before the Jing and Yami series will be on going for as long as the Master Guardian series continues.

I was thinking over the weekend I'll take a look at the Bǎihé stories and try to get one completed.

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