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Jumping for Joy SmileyIt is great to have the all new A chance encounter and another little story I am titling Yagan jae and the dreaming girl back from my editor and proofreader. They both informed me they really liked both of them and Kiyoshi informed me the new version of A chance encounter is far better than the last one. This makes me very happy.

The next thing to do is get the covers painted and hopefully next week I will be able to launch them both.

I am still completing a side story which involves Gaylin’s mother, Aponi, helping Junjie’s fifth son Yè fēng to find out why a forest is cursed. It has been a fun story to do as I had to remember both gods are partly sighted, the Dragon is partly blind in his left eye and has to wear an eyepatch because daylight hurts it and the Dreamer has a pupil missing in his right eye which helps to focuses the other two pupils on anything from the other realm, but with it missing all he sees are shadows.

Kyioshi liked this concept, even though they are gods they both have a disability and cannot wait to go through it.
This is my rough drawing of them together and Aponi gettning frustrated over what a god has to do in order to calm a Forest Guardian ^_^

rough drawing

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