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Posted By Babs

I cannot believe it was 18 years ago today that I started to write the Master Guardian Part One. The story may have gone through a lot of changers over the years some of which have been pretty bad. To be honest I am thankful it has returned to its original form which has helped to keep the series going. Some of that credit has to go to my editor Murakami Kiyoshi, without his help to restore the concept of the series I would have given up on it. When he read one of the first versions of the story he encouraged me to publish it and carry on with that idea as it far better than what had come before.

Guard front cover

I am hoping the PDF I have posted will finally show people it is nothing like what they remember, it is completely different. It is going to be available for one week only.

I would also like to think the proofreaders without them, the stories would be full of misspelt words, unfinished scenes and bad punctuation. It still may not be 100% correct as my proofreaders have confess their’s isn’t great. I say it is still far better than mine 

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