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I am so pleased to be slowly updating Master Guardian Part One, An old friend’s quest, so far I have published the all new version on Lulu and Google play, this is the version which has been through a professional proofreader, who has just help us to improve some of the punctuation and speech which could leave the reader a tad confused. I think she has done an amazing job at basically tidying it up and I have to say the graveyard scene flows a lot better now. I cannot thank her enough for all help and time She is planning on taking a look at part two next. 

I will try my best to update it on all platforms as soon as I can as I am busy preparing for the third story in the series.

Other news, I have finally completed Gaylin and haunted house, just got Bǎihé and the mystery gifts to sort out as well as finish Longwei and his cats, then that will be all the side stories done, then I will be able to turn all of my focus on to the trilogy.

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