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Posted By Babs

Today I needed to find an uninhabited island off the cost of Japan for the side story Dampa, it needed to be as far away as possible from the mainland and not volcanic. I found some really interesting ones, I really liked the the look of 友ヶ島 (Tomogashima Islands) as it has an uncanny resemblance to Laputa, the floating island in Castle in the sky, one of favourite Ghibli films. A close second was 須子茂離島 (Sukomobanare Island), but I settled for 夕離 (Yubanare) as there is hardly any info on it making it perfect and is well away from the mainland. In the world of Master Guardian, this would be used as a punishment island for bad Vampires they would get airlifted to it, there would be a house to stay in, running water, electricity would come from either sola or wind power and they have to cook on an open fire. Everything a Vampire needs apart from internet or a phone signal. The only contact they would have is by CB radio with the Vampire Nation saturated on 薩川 (Satsukawa). 

If they harm the island or try to escape then they are put to work on 端島 (Hashima Island) or Tomogashima to help restore the historical sights.


I have to say it is great to finally have this in one of the stories as I have been meaning to put in places like this where the gods can send Vampires who harm mortals or their own kind, ripping them of their luxuries they have come to rely on. On rare occasions this kind of punishment will also be used on mortals when they go against the gods three times in a row, however if the person goes against one of the ancients they could end up being sent straight away to Sukomobanare Island for a day.


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Kiyoshi said...
Nice choice of islands and はい, there is not much to go on for 夕離 making it the perfect place to put いたずらな吸血鬼 haha ^_^ I really like the idea of the gods having places like this. よくやった.
April 25, 2018 08:19:16
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