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Posted By Babs

 It is so good to have my dear editor Kiyoshi back as I was without him all through May with him being busy sorting a romance, something he does not like doing. Since he has been back we have been taking the time to go through the first book in the trilogy, after I told him I wasn’t sure about it and I don’t know how to finish it so it flows into the next book.


Kiyoshi a few days ago informed me one scene involving Yiska and Shinma had him in stitches, he told me when Shinma called him, you Bloodhound had him walking around his office laughing so much his boss came in to find out what was going on. The problem is out of context when no one knows the scene we are talking about, people just look at us baffled.

Kiyoshi said he could picture the scene so will, when Yiska found Shinma in the game shop, the Vampire all crouched and the Dreamer stood there with his hands on his hips, asking him where have ya been for the past two centurie?  Why haven’t ya been in touch?

I added, oh he won’t give Shinma time to answer before he asks the next question.”

Kiyoshi, (lol) I can see him being like that.

He also informed me there is a nice balance between scenes being all serious to ones which have him in stitches. This makes me very happy.

There are some things to sort out and once they are all sorted it will be off to the proofreader to see what she makes of it.

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