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Posted By Babs

Editing all sorted, I am now able to work on the Halloween scene which has Guardian along with his brothers, Shinma Darkness and Celest along with some children carving pumpkins which would be something new for Shinma as the Japanese don’t do this.

Kiyoshi said, That is going to be fun experience for him. But I must say it is odd for Gādo’s family to be celebrating it with none of them being American.


I replied, Hai that is true, but Halloween has been a tradition in England for a long time now so of course the family will join in with the village, plus Chris and Yiska love decorating the inside of the hallway to make it look like it straight out of a horror movie.

Kiyoshi お見事

He also liked the idea if tick or treaters coming to the door as this also does not happen in Japan, he said again Shinma is going to find the whole night really interesting.


Once this scene is completed we will be decidingweather or not to put in the bonfire scene or leave it for the next book as, but lead the first one into it. We will make the decision once we get there as we don’t want the books getting too big.


2 Comment(s):
Babs said...
I completely agree with you Kei, we need to find out why people are happy to verbally tell me what they think of a story but not post it. It makes me wonder, what is the issue, the problem is in writing exactly what they have said. You're right the silence needs to end. Because if it doesn't I am serious, I will not be publishing any more of my work, only you and the proofreaders will get to see it. People need to take their actions more seriously, no feedback is making us think what is the point in working on a new project when no one is interested. I really do hope we can get to the bottom of it.
June 17, 2018 12:52:55
Kiyoshi said...
I would like to add the first book is coming along great, you are doing a great job クモ. I just wish it was not just me and the proofreaders who recognise how 才能のある you are. Your stories always keep me gripped from beginning to end. They make me laugh, or in some cases make me feel like crying. It is a real shame not more people are doing this, commenting, telling you how much they enjoy your work. Is it really just us who are interested? そうじゃないといいけど. The silence must end as it not good for us or the business, as it makes it look like the work is worthless.
June 17, 2018 10:23:40
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