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Posted By Babs

I am so pleased to be making a start on the cover for the all new rewrite of Master Guardian Part One, all I have got to do is finish of the jewellery and the shading and it will be done, then I will be able to sort out the back cover with Agito looking all suspicious of the Chakra pendulum coming towards him.


Back cover

I have also been enjoying writing an all new version of Part Two which I have already retitled The Furtiveness Puppet Returns, as I feel this fits better with the story, as the puppet always tries to avoid notice or draw attention to himself. I of course will be also doing a new cover for it, one which hopefully will make people curious to find out what it is all about. I have to say it is nice to finally be doing the stories I have always wanted to produce but was a little unsure about how people would take to my kind of writing stile, I have to thank Litnet because that site has proven to me, it may be unconventional but people seem to loving it, because it is different it makes nice refreshing change.

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