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Posted By Babs

I am so pleased the new version of Master Guardian is doing so well. Everyone who has read it so far have been really enjoying it and have even began to give me nice feedback.

It was really great to hear that it has been going down well with dyslexic readers who struggle to read a book, find no trouble reading Guardian or my short stories, which makes me very happy to hear with me being a dyslexic writer.


I have to admit it has not all been plain sailing we have found a few bits which had errors in them nothing major and have since been corrected. My editor and proofreader are going to go through it again to make sure we have got everything, before the paperback goes on sale in Hocus Pocus Rocks and Crystals shop in July. I am so pleased despite these little hiccups the book is still really popular.

I have also rewritten Límíng wù & the missing Emperor. Yes it has has a titled changed for it used to me Límíng wù & the missing Empress. This is because the story was not in keeping with the Dragon history in the Master Guardian series, for they have been in charge of China and Japan for centuries and things have happened a little differently.

I am currently working on some new illustrations for the covers of the seven chapters and the cover which has already made a lot of fans keen to read the new version and cannot wait for me to publish it. Once I have sorted the last picture and painted all of them I hope to launch it in July.

I have also been removing a lot of the old books from stores, this is because most of them are not that well written or no longer fit with the current series and some just need to be updated. For example the Prince and the Dragon, Xīwàng and the wish of a prince, Gabriel and the pearl oyster. Once they are all done, I will start on the rest of the Límíng wù series until I begin to be asked to continue Guardian and I will turn back to completing Part Two.

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