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I have been updating Master Guardian Part One to include translation for the Mandarin and Japanese after it was pointed out by my Chinese fans that some of the names I had chosen were not correct, or were a boys name, so they have been changed. Also my Jfans have pointed out there seems to be no Tenjoteki na in there language, which has left them somewhat puzzled how Collins English to Japanese dictionary came up with it. So my editor and I thought it is going to be better to just put Tenjō. I have also changed Darkness' middle name Aristaios and surname Kontos as these are also not easy for me or my foreign fans to pronounce. So his middle name is now Hermes... Come to think of it, in the time he was born, he may not have had a surname, so it would be something he would have adopted later and decided on Ísycha quiet, because Soul Drinkers are quiet on their feet.

I am so pleased to have it all sorted it is just a pity I will not have a copy to sell at the book launch this Saturday (10th of August). On the day I will be handing out a free 20 page sample copies along with two free short stories which have been very popular on Litnet. I may even conceder including the opening of The Mysterious Towers, which is actually just as old as the Master Guardian series. It is a story made up from notes and ideas which were going to be put into part two originally but got edited out. However, since finding most of them again, I am considering including these strange towers in to the rewrite and thought there needs to be a back story, to explain who found them, right up to who is now the current caretaker of them. I hope to post the first chapter on Litnet before Saturday to see what my readers on there think of it.

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Kiyoshi said...
I think you have done a great job including the translation and I agree changing Celest and Fedor's names was the right move, I can now pronounce them (笑) The Mysterious Towers is an awesome side story, I am surprised it has not got more hits on litnet... then again I am not 100% sure how their sight works, some books get loads of hits where others get barely noticed. It would be great if the fans shared them as well to get them even more noticed. May I suggest you make it as part of the rules in the group that they have to share and like your work otherwise what's the point of them being in the group.
September 18, 2019 09:08:15
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