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Posted By Babs

 It is such a great feeling to be back working on Master Guardian Part Two The Furtiveness Puppet Returns, after having to put it to one side when I hit a wall back in May, because I had no idea how I was going get the scene across to the reader without leaving going huh? Did I miss something?

So I went on the hut for any notes I had on The mysterious towers which in the world of Master Guardian lie on one half of Shikoku Island. It was interesting to discover how far back some of the notes went, nearly as old as the first novel. It was an idea I had but never put it into the story until now when I ran the idea through with my editor who immediately loved it and said you’ve got to put it in. The first thing I did once I had gathered up all of the notes is made them in to a short story which is available on Litnet, once it was completed I was able to finally move on with the novel which has already passed part one by 12 pages, I have still got the ending to write. What I am planning on doing is seeing how big it is once it is completed and then decide if it needs to be split into two manageable size books or it is fine as it is. I will be putting to my readers as I know some of them are not keen on reading thick books, then I will make it an option. All depends on how big it is when is finally completed. I am in no rush to get this done as I really need to get the first novel noticed. I have already began to change the Jewellery shop I have on Facebook to a book/jewellery shop, to help it make my work easier to find and buy.

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