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Posted By Babs

I have made the decision this year to only allow people to read the opening few chapters of a story on the free sites I am on. I will no longer be posting a full story for free as I believe if you, the reader, really like it you will be happy to pay for it. Also it would be nice to launch them with illustrations and give you more choice to buy them in parts or have the whole collection. Also it will give me time to write the entire series and establish which series you, the fans, like the most. I really need to find out who are my dedicated fans who are happy to read anything I put out even when it still really rough and offer to help when they see something is wrong or it just needs a bit more detail. Fans who are not afraid to tell me what they really think of the story and who are happy to leave a review without me asking.

 It would be great to establish a better group on Facebook, one that is full of life where fans are chatting about stories and asking me when I am going to be publishing the next instalment. The reasons I am doing this is I would very much like to do a kickstarter. Hover there is no use when I have no one backing me. So if you are a diehard fan of my work I would greatly appreciate you showing your support to help me find out how many of you there really are and this will also help me discover who my real target audience is.

2 Comment(s):
Babs said...
(bow) ありがとうございました for your help over the years. Yeah I have been adding new people to the group on Facebook to try and bring it back to life. I will keep you posted ^_^
January 20, 2020 07:44:12
Kiyoshi said...
You have made a good decision. You are right if people enjoy it they will happily buy it. I will always be a diehard fan, because your work is amazing ^_^ I always enjoy your stories and look forward to going through them. Hai, I agree you need to find out who your fans are before you do a kickstarter. Also see what you can do with your group on Facebook to bring it back to life. 頑張って ^_^
January 19, 2020 11:50:26
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