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There is always bound to be one story you miss, one book which when you look at it you question, why did I write this? It is terrible. Well that is how I was when I reread Poseidon and Chris encounter. It is slow and there is no real distinction between the characters.

 Time for a complete rewrite because most of the characters in this story are either called by another name now or only mentioned or no longer in the series because they are too similar to another character.

In the new version I am trying to keep the focus on the two main characters and putting across how different they both are, not just in size, age and skills but in their personalities. The challenge is to get across, to you the reader, that Poseidon is not your typical Annihilation Deity, there are things about him, the likes of which have not been seen since the Dark Chapter. Poseidon, just like Chris has not so humble beginnings and found love in other members of his family which have helped shape him into a better person.

I am going to also be changing the cover and the blurb so that they are more enticing to the reader. I will admit I am enjoying this rewrite, it is nice to be putting all that I have learned to make a better story and not just a long winded choppy mess. Once it is completed it will be handed over to the team to see what they make of this new version before I republish it.

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