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Posted By Babs

I have been taking the weekend and today to sort out not only the Free side story website, but also the Master Shǒuwèi group on Facebook.

At long last I have posted more of the up to date stories on the website, this is because I was having trouble logging in, which now seems to have been sorted. Whilst I was there I decided to delete some stories that are in the process of being rewritten or one day going to be.

What I have done in the group is update the description to try to explain why my work gets called Unconventional, it is because it is a mix of fantasy genes. It is actually quite amazing to see how many my work falls in to so far 8. To be honest I thought it was going to be more than that.

I also posted, Explaining the Vampires in Shǒuwèi, because they are not the typical, boring done to death Vampires.

I have also posted the first chapter of A tale of two brothers with a link to the rest of the story. I am planning on doing this with other stories that are on penana, that way they will appear under the file tab at the top of the page which makes them easier to find, because they soon get berried under other posts.

The choose your own adventure style group on Facebook, I would like to point out some of them are from the Master Shǒuwèi series, they are the games that are invented by the character Fedor also known as Darkness. In Echoes of the past it is Mysterious sword in the forest they are all playing. From now on I am going to make it clear when a game is contacted to story. I also hope this will bring more interest to the page.

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