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Posted By Babs

I am so please to be able to finally do nice covers on Lulu. I was able to update Echoes of time and finally give Samurai and the butterfly the cover I wanted. If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter you will have already seen it.

The cover is way better than the Amazon one, which looks to me a bit washed out and is also better sailed too. Last night I updated the Amazon cover, once it becomes available I will order a copy to see how it looks in the flesh and post pictures to the same sights.

I am still waiting for the approval copy of Echoes of the past to arrive from Lulu, they always take a little longer to do than Amazon, but the wait is worth it. Lulu’s quality is a lot better than Amazon. This is because Lulu is print to order and takes about a week to arrive, compared to Amazon, they just take two days to make and post the book. This is why I always prefer to show people a Lulu copy as they take more pride in their printing and make it look amazing.

 Whilst I am here I will say, I am pleased to announce I have successfully uploaded Echoes of time through my iPad to iBooks, thanks to my editor Kiyoshi’s wonderful help. The Add to iBooks button is located under the More button, (circle with dots going across the centre), quite a way down above the language/region button. So confusing,why wasn’t it under the export menu near the top or a nice iBooks logo button, would have made it a lot easier to find. Oh well at least I was able to do it and I will post links once it becomes available. Sorry it has taken a little time to sort. But we know who to blame Apple for getting rid of awesome iBooks Author and new Pages just being so unstable.

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