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Posted By Babs

 Last night I began to delete old and not very popular stories on Penana to reduce how many books I have available for free on the site to around 20 and anything which is more than one issue (chapter) will be going on sale. It has been decided because of my Chinese fans, Google Play is going to be the best platform to put them on, mainly because it is hard for some of them to get the other sites. Also some of the fans have notified me they are also happy to buy stories direct from me, which is good to know. So I am going to sort out the store on the short stories website and start to post stories on there. I am not going to be charging a lot for them 20p to a £1 or £2 depending on the size of the story. I am even planning on including illustrations that I originally did for the story, or making some to add to the story.


Another thing the Detective story I am working on, has had a title change it is now going to be called Detective Léi shēng (偵探雷聲), this is because the original name Yè rèn, I was told by my Mandarin teacher meant nothing in Chinese, oops. Also Detective Thunder sounds so anime which is awesome.

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