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Posted By Babs

 I am so pleased to report we are making progress with Master Shǒuwèi book two. I should say, Kiyoshi (editor) to the rescue, because he has told me a perfect route to get to Akihabara from Shǒuwèi aunty’s shop which goes through the back streets. Instead of going back down Takeshita Street and along the main road, which is always busy with people. It was great to see on Google maps all the roads/paths are easily wide enough for Shǒuwèi to drive the customise golf buggy down without hitting people or getting it stuck. This was another thing we had to take in to account, making sure it is a route that does not get a lot of foot traffic. Also we were thinking it is going to be a week day morning, students would be in school and most people would be in work, this means the stores which Shǒuwèi is wanting to visit in Akihabara, on route to their destination, should not be too busy. I am happy for anyone to correct me on this ^_^

Kiyoshi was also saying you could take some artistic license and make a parking area outside for electric verticals like what Shǒuwèi driving. Another thing is giving who they are, the managers and staff would most likely let them either before the shop is open or make sure they have the shop to themselves whilst they look for the models Shǒuwèi is wanting.

Kiyoshi has also been telling me the shops have lifts and one has awesome escalators to ride to the forth floor. Kiyoshi also informed me as you go through the doors to the one with the escalators there are a lot of ガチャポン (Gashapon) machines, he was laughing and said, "Shǒuwèi would be in his element."

Me: "Oh yeah, I have got to have him a looking around them to see what is on offer. (lol)" I was also thinking with them being big shops, and having easy to clean lino floors, Shǒuwèi would find it really easy to glide around and not be burning up what energy he has. Kiyoshi said the perfect thing it would be as though he is wearing a pair of Shadow the Hedgehog shoes gliding around the stores. I like that idea. Then it dawned on me the staff would find it amazing to watch, but they would be shocked to see he is wearing a pair of worn out/scuffy boots.

 I would also like to give a shout to the lads of Trash Taste, last year they did individual challengers inside three anime model stores that are based in Akihabara. All three videos have given me a great insight to how big the stores are which has got the creative juices flowing to visualise what Darkness, Shǒuwèi and Celest could do when they visits two of them. Thank you for posting them as it saves Kiyoshi a lot of leg work.

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