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Posted By Babs

Since August I have been busy writing a new side story titled September Rain. Whilst I am waiting on the back cover art, I have been going over A tale of two brothers after I had contacted a beta reader. I decided with the beginning being 5 years old, to go through it with the help of Kiyoshi and we noticed one blazing error with the plot. So the story is now going through a rewrite to correct it. Also being the awesome editor he is, he has been crossing anything out that just drags or does not help the story and already chapter six A Dreamers help has been deleted. We have saved somethings from that chapter and moved them in to five once I have rewrote it. 

 One thing I will say I have been enjoying going through it and hopefully it will spark me in to completing it. Also having Kiyosh's help on it has helped make it not feel like such a task to write. Plus doing a writing cause has helped make challenging stories like this feel lest of a chore.

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