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Posted By Babs

It is so wonderful to finally have a Tale of two brothers published. It has taken such a long time to get to a point where I was happy with it and was able to complete it. The beta read also really enjoyed working on it with me and helped me so much to get it a high stranded where even I was thinking yes this is it. This is what I want to publish. It is hard to believe after 23 almost 24 years to get to this stage. It really goes to show how dedicated I was to the story and feel a great sense of achievement now it is finally available.

Since completing it, I have been working on an alternative version of Master Shǒuwèi Echos of the past, that follows straight from Two brothers and has elements form the current version that is out. It has been again great working with the same beta reader because she pointed out quite a few bits that were either confusing or just did not make sense, which is very helpful for me. I am so close to completing it, I hope to be able to send it back to her by the weekend or in to next week to get her awesome view on it and see what she makes of the changes I have made.

Whilst she is doing that I will be focusing on a side story that follows on from September Rain and has elements in it from a story that has never seen the light of day and was written 5 years ago.

Once that is completed and ready to go to the beta reader I will get some of the current free stories finished. If anyone has read any of the following: Unexpected discovery, Two wizards and Forgotten world, please let me know what you make of them so far as feedback would be great.

I have also done a little story on Three brothers who have been mentioned in September rain and current version of Echos of the past and Two brothers. I even made it in to an audio version, which was fun to do when I have not done any recordings of my short stories in a long time. I hope the fans like it even though I am not the best reader in the world.

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