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Posted By Babs

It is good to have Lucy’s unexpected discovery with the beta reader after I suggested she go through it before she goes through Tyrant’s Return again, so she can fully understand some of the scenes in that story better. I really enjoyed writing Lucy’s unexpected discovery, it was great to have him in a story where he is the lead character, because in Tale of two brothers, it was his brother Ashley who was the lead. It was great to explore Lucy’s capabilities and personality more. It was also nice to bring in other members of his very large family to assist him in certain situations. I hope the beta reader finds it to be a good balance of serious and fun. I am looking forward to her feedback. Then it will be on to Tyrant’s Return as I hope to launch them at the same time and I might even do a collectors edition that will include Tale of two brothers.

Whilst I am waiting for the story to return, I have been busy carrying on with Chris’ story Dress (Still a working title). This story is strictly 18+ so I am thinking of only making it available on line and make sure I include warnings, that it contains adult content. In all seriousness I will see what my beta reader says once it is ready to go to her. Then I will know for sure if it needs to be so high or I could get away with it being say 16+ rating.

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