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 I am slowly getting there with both Lucy’s unexpected discovery and Master Shǒuwèi One spell too many. Unexpected discovery is all ready for final checking and once my trusty beta reader is free, it will be off to her. Whilst that is happening I will crack on with the cover and see if I can come up with a back image and a really good blurb to sell it to the reader.

I feel really happy to have the story in the final stages now, it makes all my hard work worth while. Also the beta reader is awesome at spotting anything that needs a bit more adding to it or does not make any sense. I really enjoy working with her.


Also whilst I am waiting for my beta reader to be free, I have made the decision to redo September rain. This is mainly because the current is over 90,000 words . I don’t even know why or how it got so big. When I was reading it through, a lot of it is not that well written, so my aim now is get it down to 40,00 words or just over as I am way better at doing short novels than epics. Hopefully I can turn it into a much better and moving story.

Another reason to redo it is because it is part of the Master Shǒuwèi series it falls between Tale of two brothers and Unexpected discovery and I feel it is letting the series down when it is not written with such care and attention as the rest.

I will say since I completed and published A Tale of Two Brothers it has given me the drive to say it does matter how long it takes to prefect a story, even if takes 23 years, I know I will get there in the end.


I am going to say one thing, I am so please with how much interest the mini story on Twitter is getting. That has been a real challenge to write when I have a word limit of around 53 words. Doing it though is helping me to compress or condense descriptions and putting something across in fewer words that still packs a punch and keeps the readers interest. I will try and add more to it when I am not so busy sorting the main stories.

What I am planning on doing once One spell too many and the rewrite of September rain are out is making an online box set of the first 5 stories in the series, this will be including Three Brothers which tells the beginning of Shǒuwèi’s family and gives a peek in to what they did in the Dark Chapter. The third brother, known as the Black Heart Summoner, is mentioned throughout the series so far and there is a reason for this, but that is all I am saying.

 I will also mention here, I have made a start on the sixth book in the series and plotting out what is going to happen with the main characters. I am still not sure how to end it, whether or not this will be the final book in the series or be continuing it. All I can do is write it and see what happens.

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